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71pix is a E-Commerce Photographic portal which provides a platform for the photographers of any genre via its website and apps to a community of registered users (Photographer, Visitor, Guest, Corporate User, Buyer, Promoter etc) to upload and display photographs for sell (Or not), share comments, Like & Buy other user’s photos, Make groups under 71pix, Create online and offline exhibition, create event like workshop or photo-walk, make albums and galleries for their own profile. You can use this profile as like online photo stores. Users can give opinions and ideas, techniques, creativity and knowledge to promote Photography collections, create contests and participate in others contests. Here any photographer can give their photos to marketplace and buyer can buy these photos for any type of commercial purpose. Additional Services may be offered by us from time to time. This platform has already been popular to the photo lovers and photographers around the world. Let’s hake a look.